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A Link in the Chain We called on a home in Kempsey, NSW. The lady of the house, her sister and two daughters, Carmel and Connie, were there. Both of her daughters ordered some books. This week when Andrew went to deliver Carmel's first book, she told Andrew a beautiful story.

When she was young she used to go with her mother to a Dr Cheng's surgery in Sydney. She loved to go there because in the waiting room were these wonderful books that she loved to read - The Bible Story. She would have loved to have a set of her own. The years went by and eventually she had a child of her own and was living in Kempsey. A literature evangelist was working in her street when he heard her scream, “My baby is dying.” He ran to see if he could help, but it was too late and the baby died. The literature evangelist attended the funeral and gave Carmel a card with a promise on it. She treasured that promise ever since that awful tragedy. Fifteen years later, we met her in Kempsey and Andrew delivered her first book to her.

When Andrew delivered the book to Carmel, she asked him about salvation. Andrew had a prayer of dedication with her and asked her if she would like to study the Bible. She has dedicated her life to God and is now having studies. Praise God that He uses us as a link in the chain let down from heaven to save humanity. - Andrew and Sue Johnson, Eastern Area

Suggested material: This first one on 666 the number of the beast has pictures of magic squares from Babylon with the number 666 on them that are now extremely hard to find. See why this number now relates to the Catholic Church. The origin of sun worship and the Sunday Sabbath as well as paganism and the Church sheds more light on the first site and why God calls the Church of Rome Babylon. Reading the change of the Sabbath to Sunday will then make it much easier to see why Satan set out to attack the law of God and why he chose the Sabbath. The supposed seven years tribulation comes from an abused prophecy called Daniel's seventy weeks and is recommended reading on the second coming of Christ and the real Bible truth. [standard]